Travel Snacks: Gluten Free Cowboy Cookies

If you caught my earlier post today, then you already know we’re talking about travel snacks!  Being gluten free doesn’t often lend itself to a lot of choices when traveling, so I (Lauren) like to make my own.  This next snack is one I actually crave regularly and literally turns me into a cookie monster. Cowboy Cookies were introduced to me by my mother-in-law who would send fresh batches to Chase and I when we lived in Virginia. Those packages were always my favorite.  I have tweaked her recipe just a bit. But, here’s the …

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Travel Snacks: Gluten Free Homemade Trail Mix

Is it just me or is anyone else a snacking fiend? I (Lauren) could probably live off of snack food if that was an acceptable diet, which it’s not. It is however, a totally justifiable diet when you are traveling!  Being gluten free doesn’t often lend itself to a lot of choices when traveling, so whether by plane or good old road trip, I always bring my own snacks.  First up, we’re talking trail mix. (We’ll be sharing another gluten free travel snack later today!)  Trail mix easy to travel with, filling, and (mostly) made of …

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Petite Eats || Spinach + Kale Tikis

Deepika, here! When it comes to eating vegetables, children have their own theories about not liking them. I’ve heard things like they look funny, they’re weird, they taste “ewww”- and so on. Most moms I know are in a constant struggle to encourage their kids to eat nutritious food, especially green vegetables, so to o make things easier, I’m sharing this delicious recipe for veggie tikis. They’re filled with nutritious greens along with mixed vegetables, which are hidden. Most kids– including my …

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Secret Recipe // M Street’s Kale Chips

Since March is now upon us with all of her madness and spring break travels, it seems as fitting a time as any to start opting for healthier snacks.  With that in mind, we are bringing back our Secret Recipe series starting with one of our favorite snacks from one of our favorite restaurants.  Kale chips anyone?  These aren’t just any kale chips.  These kale chips are coated with a house made chile cashew butter and baked to perfection at M Street Kitchen in Santa Monica.  If you haven’t visited this spot yet, it’s …

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