Hair Pins

Remember when you were 10 and the hardest decision you had to make was which hair bow matched your outfit that day? Those were the days!  I have two younger sisters and a pretty crafty mom so our bow collection was massive.  We had bows for every outfit and holiday and ranging in size from small to what-were-we-thinking!  Ever since I cut my hair short about a year ago, I have been slowly increasing my hair accessories.  I was hesitant at first– with the elementary school memories and all– but now have amassed quite a …

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I sort of regret how often I use the word obsessed because now I feel it doesn’t properly convey just how passionately I love these star hair accessories from Rodarte’s A/W ’12 show last week.  I want them now.  I have a feeling we are going to start seeing stars popping up in other places as well– bold prints in fabric, hanging wall decor… the possibilities are endless! But seriously, I need these: Images via Into The …

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