Recipes || Butternut Squash Soup with Pesto

You should know up front that I’m writing this from a king-sized bed with hotel sheets in Minneapolis.   Let me be clear. I am about to sleep in an entire king-sized bed all by myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I miss my family, but also this is kind of heaven. Also, it’s 9:45pm and Fixer Upper is about to come on.  I am one happy girl right now.  I couldn’t be more excited about November, too.  Without a doubt, the next two months will present countless opportunities to gather with friends and family around a table, …

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Cast-Iron Mini Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This mini pumpkin pie recipe is so cute to serve up as a Thanksgiving or fall dessert. Baked and served in mini skillets, these darling desserts are sure to please your guests! When it comes to our marriage, our roles in the kitchen have always been pretty clearly defined.  I cook, he cleans… and most nights I’m pretty sure I have the easier of the jobs.  I can make just about anything and it’s usually really delicious (if I do say so myself!), but I’m a real pro at being able to dirty the most amount of dishes and …

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Recipes || Cumin Sweet Potato Soup

There are so many reasons why I gravitated towards Nicole Centeno’s new Soup Cleanse Cookbook and this Cumin Sweet Potato Soup recipe.  For starters, Parker’s school serves a wide variety of soups for lunchtime at school and she’s always talking about them! It’s such a clever way to get kids to eat their veggies or experience new flavors in a way that’s fun. Summertime in Texas hasn’t exactly had me in the mood for soup, but it’s on my fall to do list.  Also, I love that pureed soups like this one …

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Petite Eats || Chicken Veggie Wrap

Let’s talk about lunch shall we?  Breakfast to me is easy. Oatmeal? Eggs? Toast with Almond Butter?  Dinner I find to be pretty easy to plan for ahead of time making it pretty stress-free.  Lunch on the other hand stumps me every time.  I’m always looking for that magical trifecta in the center of the Vin Diagram where inexpensive, healthy, and fast line up and it’s usually a pretty elusive thing to pinpoint.  When Deepika sent over the recipe for a toddler chicken veggie wrap, I felt immediately inspired and knew …

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