Baked Chocolate Raspberry Donuts with Powdered Sugar

Rest assured friends that, while contrary to what the last two posts might have you believe, this is not donut week over here on the blog.  However, while Gourdough’s are a must try for anyone who finds themselves in Austin, these are of the much lighter, healthier variety.  They’re also a super sweet way to say good morning to the ones you love, whether it’s next Tuesday (Valentine’s Day) or any ol’ day of the week.  Donuts are never a bad idea and these baked chocolate raspberry donuts are a really, really …

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Super Bowl Seven Layer Dip, Texas Style

This delicious Seven Layer Dip has refried beans, sour cream, chile con queso, guacamole, black beans, chopped brisket, and pico de gallo.  It’s a little naughty, but so delicious! This is the part of the post where most bloggers will tell you about how they only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials or how the Puppy Bowl is the real attraction for them on that first Sunday in February.  Sorry, not this blogger. I’m the one yelling at the TV during the play offs and startling my two year old.  (Oops.) The upside to my …

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Recipes || Kale Salad with Fig Preserve Vinaigrette

Hi, friends! As I sit here writing this I can’t help, but wish we were all crowded around this lovely marble table that belongs to my friend, Katie, enjoying a salad together and catching up. Perhaps one day, that will be a real function of the internet?!  It kind of is already, isn’t it? It’s been a calm, rainy week here in Austin. The storm before the storm? We are moving into a new place this Friday and I am both so excited and also dreading moving and the bumpy transitions that can accompany it. On the other hand, …

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Cocktail Hour || Mexican Vanilla Moscow Mules

As you might expect, this holiday season in Austin is markedly different from the last 10 that we spent in LA. For starters, we are surrounded here by immediate and extended family and there is no shortage of invitations for Christmas cookie baking parties, trail of lights adventures or holiday celebrations.  Also, as I’m typing this it’s 47 degrees outside and I’ve worn a coat more times in the last week than I did in an entire LA winter. (Not complaining, I happen to LOVE coats!)  The last month has been filled with …

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