The Best of Secret Sauces

I don’t know what school of thought you find yourself belonging to as it pertains to sauces, but I believe deep down in my heart that a great sauce can take a meal from mediocre to amazing!  I was talking with two friends last week who are in the middle of doing Whole 30 and they brought along homemade ranch dip and homemade mayo.  Two things I’ve never made from scratch, but were totally delicious!  The best part about a sauce is that you can make it at the beginning of the week, use it as a sauce for one meal, a dressing …

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Brunch Recipes // Savory Sausage Waffles

Breakfast is kind of a big deal in our house.  It’s a rite of passage by which the day begins and sets the tone for the next 12 hours.  Everyone knows mornings can be hectic, but for those twenty minutes that the three of us are huddled around the kitchen table, all is right in the world.  Now I know that donuts are all the rage and I’ve never been known to turn down an almond croissant, but at home we usually keep things savory.  Some iteration of eggs, bacon and repeat, though, sometimes you just need to splurge on the …

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What I’m Cooking Right Now

When I have the time to do it, I really love cooking.  I find it therapeutic and I really do derive so much satisfaction from being able to put a homemade meal on the table that both Parker and Aaron enjoy.  We’ve been fortunate so far that Parker has a pretty wide variety of things she will eat and having to feed her has made me a lot more conscious of making sure we all get enough fruits and vegetables.  (Her love for fruit knows no bounds!  Current obsession: plums!)  I’m always on the hunt for new recipe ideas that …

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Self-Serve Summer Cocktail Bar

Today is like the Friday of all Fridays.  All Fridays are good, but this Friday is not just the prelude to a three day weekend, but the Friday that kicks off the most fun and fanciful of all seasons– summer.  SUMMER!  Around here, summer is for kicking off your shoes, leaving work a little early on a Friday, and spending as much time outdoors with friends as your sunscreen lathered skin can possibly stand.  Enough with the fuss.  I am craving jean shorts, sunnies, and laidback vibes for the next three months which is why I am …

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