Cocktail Hour / Sugared Cranberry Margarita

There’s no cliche like a kid cliche, y’all.  From the moment your belly starts growing it begins.  People tell you, “It will go by so fast!” or “Enjoy every moment!  Don’t wish any of it away!”. Then there’s my personal favorite: “The days are long but the years are short!”.  You smile and nod politely or give a little laugh and exclaim, “Totally!”   It sounds like a broken record because we have all heard it so many times, but that’s because it is SO TRUE! …

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Recipes // 5 Minute Pumpkin Spice Latte To Go

I have been giving a lot of thought to my morning routine these past few months.  With the juggling of motherhood, styling and keeping up with this very special corner of the Internet here, every minute is precious and I feel the need to spend them intentionally.  The first change I made to my routine, was to wake up on purpose.  I had grown accustomed to soaking up every last minute of sleep that I could until Parker would wake, but it actually feels really energizing to set my alarm the night before and get the day going before she …

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Grilled Corn with marscapone, butter and truffles

Sometimes I think about writing a book about my styling adventures.  There are just so many crazy moments that don’t feel like real life even when they’re happening and in hindsight really don’t feel like real life, but would make for a really good story, nonetheless!  On one such adventurous day as an assistant, I was driving around with my boss.  It had been a long week and we were racing to a fitting and probably late when out of nowhere  we came to a brake-squealing screeching halt because of corn.  Street corn to …

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Pomegranate and Plum Yogurt Parfaits with Sasha Wilkins

While Southern California farmer’s markets are still bursting with peaches and strawberries, fall is definitely on the way; bringing with it a harvest of stone fruit and pomegranates.  In an effort to eat more healthily this last month, I’ve been switching up my daily breakfast routine of eggs and bacon for lighter fare and, to be honest, it’s been a satisfying change!  My favorites of late are avocado toast made with Dave’s Killer Powerseed Bread, Bob’s Red Mill Extra Thick Oatmeal with Almond Milk and …

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