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Real Talk with Real Moms || Favorite Books

Do you remember the first book that really made an impact on you?  I loved to read as a kid and fell in love with the Little House on the Prairie series. I would read them over and over until their pages were well worn and my mother, with a concerned look in her eye, forced me to the backyard with my sisters.  Little has changed– except maybe the amount of time I have to devote to reading– it’s still one of my favorite ways to unwind, to learn about new things, and to recharge.  We thought for this next round of our Real …

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Real Talk with Real Moms || Birth Stories

This seemed like a fitting topic this month with what we are about to celebrate this weekend and yet I almost skipped writing about it. Parker’s birth is something that I never went super deep into here. I tend to keep things positive and upbeat around here and, well, this story, isn’t really that, but I do feel like there might just be someone out there who can relate, so with that, here is Parker’s birth story.  We all hope for pain-free and fancy-food-filled births as easy as Chrissy Tiegen’s, but that’s …

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Real Talk with Real Moms: A Brighter Future

A couple of weeks ago I was on a plane to New York, two days after election day.  I was about to send out a reminder email for our latest installment of this series and nothing seemed more relevant than the conversations that were happening around the outcome of the election.  It seemed hard to write (or think) about anything else.  Not politics exactly, but what it looks like to fight injustice. What it looks like to teach the next generation to advocate for their own rights, to be world’s biggest proponent of kindness, and to …

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Real Talk with Real Moms || The Holidays

I spent last weekend bachelorette-ing with my cousins and the topic of the holidays came up one morning.  We were discussing what the plans were for this and what we’ve done the past holidays.  We chatted about what our traditions are and new ones we’d like to start. It’s something that can be particularly hard to navigate when you start having babes. We grow up in our family and have one way of doing things and one set of traditions and then we get married and start a new family with someone who has their own ways of …

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