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Real Talk with Real Moms || 8 Tips for taking a Family Vacation

With just a week until Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start to summer and travel season, it seemed like a good time to dive into the idea of taking a family vacation.  We took Parker to Hawaii just before she turned two and it was THE BEST DECISION WE EVER MADE!  I was actually so surprised how relaxing and fun it actually was, even with a toddler in tow.  Those memories are so irreplaceable!  So without further ado, below are 8 tips for taking a family vacation and be sure to check out the other posts from Design for Mankind || …

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Real Talk with Real Moms || Morning Routines

I’m somewhat fascinated with what people do with their first few waking hours, which is likely the reason for this Real Talk topic this month.  I feel like those first few morning hours set the whole day on it’s course and have the power to either move the day ahead at rapid pace or leave you feeling slightly behind for the next 12 hours.  To make things even more interesting, we all have so much going on these days, so what takes priority?  There are a lot of things that change from day to day depending on whether Aaron is in …

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Real Talk with Real Moms || Childcare

This childcare topic is ironically timely.  Parker’s school is on Spring Break this week, in addition to my sister and mom both being out of town for most of the week. (My mom came over this morning and watched her while we prepped for a shoot tomorrow which was so incredibly helpful.)  No big deal, though, right? Just schedule a babysitter. Which I did… until she came down with the world’s most prolonged stomach bug.  I was literally walking out the door Monday night to a work party– she had been fever and throw up …

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Real Talk with Real Moms || Friendship

I was on a group text earlier this week with my girlfriends back in Los Angeles (actually one of them moved to Phoenix the same week we moved to Austin).  We were somewhere between chatting about pregnancy weight gain and the latest lice outbreak at someone’s preschool when one of my friend’s mentioned that National Margarita Day had reminded her of me– the nicest compliment I could ever hope to receive, by the way– which led us down the rabbit hole of our happy hour meet ups pre-kids. Figaro’s on Vermont! The …

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