What To Listen To Now // October

I seriously can’t imagine a single reason not to love October.  The leaves may not be changing nor the weather cooling yet here in Los Angeles, but that won’t stop the onslaught of pumpkin infused bites and beverages that will make their way to my belly, so all is still well in the world.  We have been shooting non-stop this week, so I am looking forward to a little weekend relaxation before Parker and I hop a plane to Austin Monday for another styling job and possibly some cooler weather– fingers crossed!  Speaking of …

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What To Listen To Now // September

  It doesn’t get much better than a Labor Day weekend Friday, friends!  I’m hanging with my favorite 17 month old today, then my mom flies in Saturday morning for a fun girls day, and I head to NYC on Sunday for a few meetings, a couple of shoots for TEC, and to meet up with Aaron who has been there working all week on Ellen’s big season premiere!  All-in-all, I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend a holiday weekend, but then Matt Mugford went and made it 10 times better by delivering up this gem of a playlist …

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What To Listen To Now // August

Oh August.  In lieu of fun holidays like your July counterpart you usually come bearing heat waves instead.  However, we won’t hold that against you, especially since this playlist courtesy of the one and only music supervisor (at least in my eyes) Matt Mugford comes bearing so many good jams I can hardly stand it.  Dying over this JR JR jam and at least half of these songs take me back to my days of living in Austin, TX, so how can I be mad?  Let’s agree.  We won’t be mad at August instead we will soak up every last …

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What To Listen To Now // July

  If Memorial day marks the beginning and Labor Day the end, does that make the 4th of July the pinnacle of summer?  It sure feels like it.  We are in Austin this weekend, celebrating out on Lake LBJ with all of my cousins and their babes and it’s so fun that it just might have us house shopping (wink, wink!).  Where ever you are, I hope your holiday weekend is filled with yummy food fresh off of the grill, good friends, and a hot sun shining down.  Thanks to Matt, your weekend will definitely be full of great music!  The …

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