What To Listen To Now // October

There’s a lot to love about October.  The weather gets cooler and the smell of pumpkin spice begins to permeate your favorite bakeries and coffee shops.  As if that wasn’t enough, there’s football on television more days of the week than not and those green lush leaves of summer are beginning to change color and drop from their lofty branches.  Just in case any of these above things doesn’t really get you going for the dear month of October, Matt put together this playlist (which is STELLAR) just for you.  So do …

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What To Listen To Now // July

It’s the Fourth of July, folks.  I could argue (and have) that it’s the best of all of the holidays (no presents, no pressure, just food, friends, and a beach if you’re lucky), but instead I’ll give you the gift of another one of Matt Mugford’s genius summer playlist.  It’s perfect for whatever you have planned today.  Aaron, Parker, and I are headed out for a little 4th of July picnic this afternoon and then have a crab cake dinner and sparklers on the agenda after Miss P goes to sleep.  What are all …

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What To Listen To Now // June

I’m a firm believer that every summer has an anthem.  I was in a restaurant the other night when MGMT’s Kids came on and it totally took me back to the summer Aaron and I first started hanging out.  I’m not sure what this summer’s song will be, but I have a feeling it’s on this playlist.  Matt has a tendency to call out the next great summer jam long before anyone else can recognize it.  Right now I’m taking in these tunes and staring at the video monitor hoping Parker takes a good nap, but in less than …

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What To Listen To Now // May

How was your Cinco de Mayo?  It ranks really high on my list of favorite holidays so Parker and I hosted a casual little shindig in the backyard last night.  While I have yet to move on from wine to full blown cocktails, it was so fun to be hosting again for the first time since Parker was born– even if it was something so laidback.  Since we are in fact full-on into May, it’s about time for another playlist, isn’t it?  In honor of our sweet gals birth and because, let’s face it, we do in fact run the world, Matt …

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