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Dinnertime and Meal Planning as a Family of Four

(This post is sponsored by OXO, a brand we love and use in every single room of our home!) In high school, I ran track and field.  My favorite race was the 1600m– four laps around a track, a mile, in case you’re not well versed in metric.  As a competitor, you spent the beginning of the race setting your pace and the first two laps were relatively easy—don’t burn out, don’t lose pace with the pack.  In many ways the third lap, though, really decided whether or not you would have a shot. The last lap?  Well, that’s where …

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A Week’s Worth of Lunches for Back-to-School

Can you believe the new school year is upon us? It seems like just yesterday I was making our summer bucket list and yet the school supply list for Parker’s new preschool just arrived in my inbox last week. She is actually going to be starting at a new school this fall and we are all feeling super excited about it. I’m really glad to not be doing the daily commute that we’ve been keeping up for over a year now and I’m also looking forward to being able to pack her lunch for the first time!  Her current school provides …

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Petite Eats || Chicken Veggie Wrap

Let’s talk about lunch shall we?  Breakfast to me is easy. Oatmeal? Eggs? Toast with Almond Butter?  Dinner I find to be pretty easy to plan for ahead of time making it pretty stress-free.  Lunch on the other hand stumps me every time.  I’m always looking for that magical trifecta in the center of the Vin Diagram where inexpensive, healthy, and fast line up and it’s usually a pretty elusive thing to pinpoint.  When Deepika sent over the recipe for a toddler chicken veggie wrap, I felt immediately inspired and knew …

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Petite Eats || Pasta Salad with Cucumbers

Confession time:  We are in a major dinnertime rut over here.  Our two year old who used to eat everything and would even settle for frozen peas instead of ice cream has suddenly become a lot pickier when it comes to mealtime.  Is it just this age?  Is it preschool? She is constantly requesting quesadillas and I fear we have hit our maximum capacity of tortillas that can be consumed by a toddler.  When Deepika sent over this recipe for pasta salad I felt instantly inspired.  No more bland capellini noodles with red sauce! We tried this …

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