Michelle Hodges of Sprout Floral Design on Challenges, Finding your Place, + Marketing in the Age of Social Media

(This story of Michelle Hodges and Sprout Floral and Event Design is the latest in our series of small business stories in partnership with Gracie Byrd Jones. You can see more here.) While there are a lot of growing pains and challenges that feel like the weight of them is all on my shoulders alone with owning my own business, there are also these huge wonderful moments that feel like total gifts. One of them is that being a business owner has allowed me to meet other business owners and it’s one of my most favorite things to get to …

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Kirsten Dickerson of Raven And Lily on Ethical Fashion

Kirsten’s name is one I have been hearing since before we made the move from Southern California to Texas. It was often times accompanied by phrases like “ethical fashion” and “female entrepreneur” and so my ears always perked up. Read on for the amazing story of Kristen and her fashion brand Raven and Lily.   Since the inception of Raven and Lily, the fair trade fashion brand that Kirsten founded in 2008, she has worked to create a business that could both sustain local employees and office infrastructure …

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Kindred Fiber Farm: How An Alpaca Farm is Bringing People Together

(This story of Anna Marie and her Alpaca Farm is the latest in our series of small business stories in partnership with Gracie Byrd Jones. You can see more here.) When we hear about the impetus of many new businesses, there’s often times a storyline of community. It’s true of Starbucks, of Barre3, and so many countless others. Kindred Fiber Farm, a budding business located in Fredericksburg, Texas, is no exception. I got the chance to chat with Anna Marie about her beautiful alpaca farm. I wanted to hear how she got her start, …

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The Ultimate Hippie Mama Dishes on Her New Line + Natural Solutions for Cold Season

If you don’t read anything else on the blog this week, make sure you read this! It was such a delight to chat with Katherine Lott about her newest endeavor, Wildflower Remedies. I could listen to her talk for hours as she shares her wisdom on everything from tonics and tinctures to plant therapies and bringing your body back to its natural state of rest and calm. What she shares resonates with me so much. I do truly believe that the foods that we eat and products that we use do have such a profound effect on our health and happiness. …

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