The Evolution of Thai Fresh with Jam Sanichat, Plus Her Spicy Glass Noodle Salad Recipe

In a city where the restaurant scene is always evolving, there is at least one constant: On any given day, you can sit at a table amidst a sea of other diners, between the avocado-hued walls of Thai Fresh and feel right at home. The local establishment that Jam Sanichat started alongside her husband Bruce in 2008 has stood the test of more than a decade and continues to thrive with a sea of enthusiastic patrons and people who will go to their grave swearing by her red curry. We dropped in one morning for breakfast tacos (yes, they serve …

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Jill Elliott from Haberdashery: Funding a Retail Business, Finding your Niche and more

(This story of Jill Elliott and her shops Haberdashery and Black Chalk Home & Laundry is the latest in our series of small business stories in partnership with Gracie Byrd Jones. You can see more here.) I’m almost certain that every business is a combination of grit, genius, and also the following of a little voice in your head that keeps leading you down the path. This story of Jill Elliott and how she began her second retail concept, Black Chalk Home & Laundry is no exception. I loved chatted with her about the real and …

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How To Set Life-Changing Visible Goals for Yourself

(This post is completely inspired by Jordan Ferney, one of my favorite people on the internet, and her post here.) I wish I could remember the exact timing of the whole thing and wish even more that I still had this journal, but I have the most vivid recollection of being in my early twenties, sitting on the seventy year old wood floor of my Brentwood apartment, and jotting notes into a journal. I was thinking about my future career and while I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do I wrote these things: ability to work from anywhere …

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9 Cool Things My Friends Are Doing Right Now

When was the last time you celebrated an accomplishment? It feels like we are quick to set goals, work hard to achieve them, but then by the time that we do, our sights have been set even higher causing the achievement to feel a little anticlimactic. We are on to the next thing before we can even fully appreciate the work that it took to get to the place we are at. I’m not sure if the gals mentioned below are celebrating, but I thought I would take a moment to celebrate for them, because their accomplishments and what they are doing are …

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