The Transition to Kindergarten: How We Prepared and What It Was Actually Like

(first day of school outfit pictured above!) While she was only two years old when we moved, I would be lying if I said that Kindergarten didn’t play a part in our moving back to Austin from Los Angeles. Hearing people in LA describe the point and charter system, the means of transportation that got their kids to and from school every day or the prices of the homes in districts zoned for “good” public schools was dizzying. Let the record show, I actually think LA is an amazing place to raise kids! I was just imagining …

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Real Talk with Real Moms || Screen time and Play Ideas

…And just like that, we’re back! If you’re a recent reader, this might be your first interaction with our Real Talk with Real Moms series, but if you have known your way around this site for some time you’re likely already familiar. This series started when Parker was less than a year old and I found myself thinking how useful it would be to be able to read a variety of perspectives from a variety of mothers on the same parenting topic. Basically what the group texts looked like with my mom friends, but in search friendly blog format. …

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Real Talk with Real Moms: Technology

I remember my first friend to get a pager.  It was seventh grade and it was a Christmas present from his parents, but he found it the week of Thanksgiving and was so excited that he promptly passed out the number to friends.  For the entire month of December he was then obligated to look dumbfounded when the small box under the tree would begin to vibrate endlessly during the evenings as their family was gathered around the television.  A couple years later I was a freshman in high school when I accompanied my dad to Dillards to pick out …

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5 Tips for a Cleaner, Greener Home

“Mommy, I am the sweeper and you are the duster,” she says as she hands me my wall and floor duster and grabs her deep clean mop. This is currently Parker’s favorite game to play.  We played it this morning before she went to school and then after we had done our adequate sweeping and dusting she wanted us to play cleaning school and teach all of our imaginary students how to clean and dust. “Mommy, why do we do the cleaning again?” “Because when we bring baby sister home, we don’t want her to get …

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