Happy Friday + Fave Links

This week can be summarized by the fact that I thought it was Friday on Wednesday.  Thank God it wasn’t, though, because I have a to-do list that is growing by the minute and an inbox that is playing tricks on me and keeps multiplying exponentially.  Aaron is going to be on the road again this week, so Parker and I are ditching sunny California on Monday for a few days and going to play with her cousins in Austin.  I will be traveling solo and keeping my fingers crossed for some nice long plane naps!  I hope your weekend is a good …

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Weekend in Paris

Last week, dying to dive into a new read, I picked up The Paris Wife while I was in Austin.  It was truly so good I couldn’t put it down!  Last night, after completing the book earlier this week, and based on recommendations from you guys here, I turned on Midnight in Paris while I was making dinner.  I should have known 30 minutes in I would plotting plans for a weekend in Paris!  Have you all heard of the company Via Rue Travels?  Their Paris trip is every girl’s dream! Strolling the boulevards, visiting the couture …

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Vacation in {Paris}

I have been to Paris twice.  Once in high school with my family and once a few years ago with Aaron.  (Only once did I think I was getting proposed to, but I will save that story for another day!)  I just love this city.  It is filled with so much charm that it often times remind me more of a quaint town than the bustling city center that it is.  Croissant in hand, I can walk and walk for hour after hour, gorging my eyes on the architecture and landscape and people, and not for a second get bored.  Anyone want to take a trip with me? …

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