Our Austin Casa

Our Austin Casa || Parker and Ever’s Pink Bathroom Reveal

As soon as the question left his lips, I stiffened and unconsciously held my breath for the answer.  I was already troubleshooting how I would take her answer and wield it into what I imagined for this space. “I want my bedroom to be pink… and my bathroom, too!”, she responded. Instantly visions of the pink and maroon ceramic tiles that had neatly decorated our guest bathroom of our first home in Southern California since the fifties danced in my head.  Yikes. I exhaled, finally, but still wasn’t sure what I would do …

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Our Austin Casa || Mid-Century Modern Master Bedroom Reveal

Every room needs a goal, a vision.  Some rooms are harder than others. Our office for example: I spent just about the entire time the house was under construction trying to figure out what that space looked like. Is it an office with a pull-out guest bed or a guest bedroom with a desk in it? Will the kids use it or is it a totally off limits adults-only space?  Our master bedroom did not have that identity crisis. My goal for it has always been for it to be a retreat for us.  A place where we can say peace out to everything that has gone …

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Our Austin Casa || The Terrazzo Guest Bathroom Reveal

I asked and you answered loud and clear that you would like rooms revealed as we shoot them– in other words, as soon as possible, please and thank you!  We were actually in touch with two publications earlier in the year that were interested in shooting and publishing our home, but as I scrambled to find the right furnishings and finishes, I realized I was rushing the process.  As we reveal the rooms here on the blog, they feel complete to me and I love them so much, but in a lot of ways they’re still the first draft. …

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Before and After || Parker’s Bedroom Draperies

Somewhere in the archives here, there is a post that’s nearly writing itself titled 10 ways we splurged on our house and 10 ways we saved.  It’s something we thought about so much as we were building.  Anytime we had a choice to make we had to think about whether that was a space or a feature that was really important to us or if we would rather put the money we could save there somewhere else. (Like, you know, in our bank account.)  The windows fell into the former category.  We designed the house with the hope of having as …

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