Our Austin Casa

10 Things to Consider Before Building a New House

Today marks exactly 9 months since we moved into Our Austin Casa!  It was a journey that began when we decided to move back to Austin from Los Angeles in July of 2015 and began looking for houses and considered building, to June 2016 when we actually finally found the spot where we wanted to build and moved back to Austin that same month, to December 2016 when we broke ground on our home and finally to December 2017 when we moved in at long last and began the process of furnishing and styling our new space. Since then we’ve been …

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Our Austin Casa || The Office Reveal

It’s been a busy year.  In the last 12 months, we’ve added a new baby to our family, moved for the third time in 18 months (this time into #ouraustincasa), and began the process of designing the entire thing from scratch.  Aaron kept up his busy travel schedule for work and I found a way to mother two children and still do the work that I love so much.  (Also, this is starting to read like one of those holiday letters that people send along with Christmas cards– ha!)  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but …

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Our Home Office with Design Within Reach

And just like that, the first sneak peek of our home office!  This isn’t exactly what it looks like today, but it’s similar and we are going to be sharing the full reveal here very soon.  Here’s the back story:  Back in December I received an email from a location scout asking if they could come check out our home for a shoot they were producing here in Austin for Design Within Reach .  We hadn’t even moved in yet!  They came by for the scout and we decided to partner on this office space, which will also be …

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Our Austin Casa || The Kitchen Reveal

When Aaron and I began the process of designing our home, or rather deciding what was important to us and then letting our architect (Sam Burch of Shiflet Group) design our home, we decided that we each could have three non-negotiables.  If you want to read all of them, they’re here, but my very first and most important design feature was a large open kitchen that was connected to our living space.  When you look at older houses, that hasn’t always been the case.  I’m not sure if it’s that the kitchen used to be …

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