Our Austin Casa

Our Austin Casa || The Living Room Reveal

It sounds strange, but I feel seriously weepy about publishing this last room in our series of room reveals. If you really want to go all the way back, the impetus of this home was us being in town for the 4th of July circa 2015 and visiting our cousins’ almost finished newly constructed home. The wheels started spinning and a couple days later we had decided to move to Austin. We still weren’t sure if we would build or renovate, but immediately started looking on Redfin on the regular. Now here we are a short (ha!) almost four …

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How to Collect and Display Art in Your Home on Any Budget

(This post is sponsored by Soraa Home, the only LED lighting on the market that shows light in it’s full spectrum of color.) I didn’t discover Basquiat until I was in my early twenties, decades after his name had become household among the world’s art elite. Living and working in LA, Aaron and I often times found ourselves in the homes of people whose living room art collections rivaled a gallery at the Guggenheim. On one such occasion, Aaron was shooting photos and was directed to “move his ladder further away from the Basquiat”. …

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Our Austin Casa || The Playroom Reveal

(This Mid Century Modern Playroom reveal is the latest in our series of room reveals from Our Austin Casa.) This room has been a long time coming. The long and meandering journey to this room goes back to sitting at our dining room table in Los Angeles circa 2015 with our initial architect and hearing myself explain my idea for a playroom. “I want it to be a space downstairs, that’s close to the kitchen and living areas, but also not like right in your face,” I said. The kids’ bedrooms were going to be upstairs, and I …

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How to Design Your Bedroom for a Better Night’s Sleep

(This post is sponsored by Casper and the new Wave mattress.)  My closest friends regularly give me a hard time for my love of a good eight hour night’s sleep, but all joking aside, I know I do my best work and best momming when my tank is full and for me that means a good nights sleep. (I may not be the friend who is going to dance with you at the bar until the wee hours, but I will be the friend who will meet you for coffee after preschool drop-off or volunteer enthusiastically to watch your kiddo so that you can get a hair cut.) With a …

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