Our Austin Casa

Our Laundry Room Reveal + A Simple Update For Less than $40

After making it through the bulk of our home projects for Our Austin Casa, I took a much needed break. Everything felt like it was in a good place and I was excited to let something else fill that headspace. As time went on, though, I realized that one room that I was in day in and day out needed some design love. We partnered with EasyCare Ultra Premium Paint and added more color and warmth to our laundry room, which makes it feel like the rest of our home. Plus, EasyCare Paint has superior stain resistance and durability, which is perfect …

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Our Austin Casa || How We Designed Our Backyard, Progress and Plans

I’m not sure if everyone feels this way, but the outdoor space surrounding our home has always felt just as important to me as the indoor space. We designed the kitchen specifically so that I could see the girls playing in the backyard as I was cooking. One wall of our living room opens completely to the yard so that we can swing it open when the weather is nice. However, as we were rounding the corner to move-in day– probably about two months out– I realized that I needed to start prioritizing an actual plan for our outdoor …

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Our Austin Casa || The Full House Tour

Two and half years and a couple dozen posts later, I thought I would compile a few of my favorite photos from each room into a full tour so that you can get a sense of how everything works together and the flow of the house. While it may look like a real estate listing, I promise we are going to be here awhile! If you’re curious about any of the details or sources, click through to the specific room and everything should be mentioned and linked for you there. With the exception of future outdoor posts– we are still working on …

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Master Bedroom Update: A Meaningful Gallery Wall

(This post is sponsored by Framed and Matted, the most custom and most professional way to frame your photos and artwork. We had the best experience with them and can’t recommend them enough!) When we were building our home here in Austin, I always imagined that the day we got the keys would be the day we were done or at least very, very close. A couple months after move-in day, one of my dream publications reached out about publishing our home. It was an instant thrill, but as I sat at our dining room table and looked around I knew it …

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