How I Prepped our Laundry Room to get Ready for Baby!

The pregnancy nesting bug is not only very real, but very necessary!  Somewhere around the third trimester you realize that another human is moving in soon and suddenly the organizing, cleaning and preparing gets kicked into high gear!  We are currently in a rental with limited space, so I was adamant on everything having a place and being well stocked and organized before baby’s arrival.  In particular, I wanted our laundry room in tip top shape before the big day which meant stocking up on all of the essentials so that I didn’t have …

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Margaret’s Office Nook + How to Keep an Organized Desk

One thing that my very first styling boss impressed upon me was the need to wrap up the day with a tidy desk and working space.  (It was part of this post a couple weeks ago, too.)  No matter how crazy the day or how many clothes were strewn about in the closet at noon, come closing time everything was in it’s right place.  She said it was the only way to start a new day fresh and she was right.  When we  were touring Margaret’s West Austin abode, we couldn’t get over this organized office nook that she created in her …

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Margaret’s Modern Vintage Master Bedroom + Closet

Master bedrooms are an interesting part of the house when it comes to design.  Of your whole house, they’re the room that guests are least likely to see, which sometimes knocks it down on the priority list when it comes to design or “finishing the space”.  On the contrary, though, it’s also the space that feels the most intimate and offers up the chance to be a calming retreat from the rest of life– from work, laundry, dinner, parenting and more.  Do you feel like your bedroom is complete? How would you …

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Cool Hunting || Chic Household Essentials

I find myself thinking about the differences between my twenties and thirties a lot.  I feel more confident in my thirties than I did in my twenties, which I think is a product of knowing myself better, feeling more secure in my core values, and having just a little more life experience under my belt.  I like to think certain things don’t get to me as much as they would have in my twenties, too. I also make decisions differently now.  Buying things in my twenties felt very experimental; like I was still trying to define what my style …

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