On The Road

On The Road || Five Days in Stockholm

In many ways, this trip has been almost two years in the making.  Aaron’s work schedule is such that the best times for us to travel are summer, holiday, and the one very specific week in the spring that he has off.  We tried to plan something for last summer, but with our cross-country move from LA to Austin, we never got around to planning it and instead spent June and July exploring our new Texas digs.  Holiday rolled around, but we knew we wanted to be in town for Christmas and there just didn’t seem to be enough time on …

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On The Road || Arrowhead Springs

One of the very, very best things about living in Los Angeles are the dozens of cool locales within day or weekend trip distance.  I’m no stranger to Palm Springs, have spent countless days in San Diego, and have done the trip up the coast to San Francisco a number of times.  So when Arrowhead® Brand Mountain Spring Water presented me with a chance to explore (by helicopter, no less!) one of their spring sources near San Bernardino, I was very intrigued!  Even though it’s just 90 minutes from downtown LA, I wasn’t at all …

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On The Road || Maui with a Toddler

This is a trip I had been dreaming of this trip for months and months.  Literally. One night in February, I dreamt that Aaron, Parker, and I were standing in line for shaved ice in Maui and when I woke up it was settled– I book the trip a week later, after a little cajoling of Aaron– and it’s going in the books as one of the best decisions I’ve made so far in 2016!  We are about to embark on this cross-country move and eventually a second child and it just felt like a rare moment to be able to do something …

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On The Road // New York

New York City.  Where to I even begin?  I was 18 and a freshman in college when I first stepped put into The Big Apple, but it was love at first sight.  I loved the energy of the city.  The diversity.  The endless things to do.  The food.  Oh my gosh, the food.  I went back twice a year throughout college to work at fashion week, but when it came time to relocate after graduation I headed west instead with my sights set on Los Angeles.  I may never call NYC home, but I do take advantage of every excuse I get to pay her a …

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