Where to Eat in NYC // Oiji

When it comes to dining, is there any city better than New York City in the whole wide world? One might argue no and then I would have to agree with that one. I owe you guys an update to this post, but suffice it to say, all bets were off last month for the week that I was in NYC. While my list of tried and true favorites runs deep (you can see some of them here), I tried out some new places this last trip and wanted to share Oiji with you in particular. The food was so delicious and the ambiance was quaint and cozy in the East Village– …

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My Style // New York, I Love You

Do you have a spirit place? The concept had never occurred to me before reading this post, but after a little consideration I knew without a doubt that my spirt place is New York City. I was 18 when I first visited and the most enthusiastic tourist Manhattan has ever seen. There is this convergence there of old and new and what’s to come that feels so uniquely energizing and inspiring. In New York, I’ve attended fashion shows for my favorite designers, sledded down hills in Central Park when a blizzard canceled all flights, …

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My Style // NYC Bound

When autumn won’t come to you, sometimes you have to go to autumn.  I’m leaving on a jet plane this afternoon and headed east.  While I’ve had moments of doubt that I could actually be 3000 miles away from Parker for almost 48 hours, the 75 degree weather waiting for me in Manhattan will be the silver lining of a little remote working.  Obviously I’ll be taking full advantage and packing a sweater or two, especially for the flight.  Do you have a travel uniform?  This is mine: Oversized sweater, meet uber-stretchy …

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