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Parker’s Closet: How I Finally Organized It Once and For All

Somewhere in the process of permitting our plans here in Austin, we ran into an antiquated neighborhood zoning rule that mandated that your garage could not protrude closer to the street than the rest of the house.  In order to accommodate this and get the plans permitted the entire right side of the house was stretched and the person who came out the real winner in the whole thing was Parker Pinkston.  Her closet went from generous to begin with to downright luxurious, possibly the size of a small bedroom.  Amazing, right?  Kind of.  As …

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Our Austin Casa || Parker’s Bedroom Design

To design a house from scratch, it sometimes feels, is to be a fortune teller.  It’s to look into the distant and not-so-distant future and see what you will need from this space. In short, to ask not what you can do for this space, but what this space can do for you.  It’s to imagine the pitter patter of an exact amount of child-sized feet. To visualize how you will do your best work, host your best dinner parties, and entertain your favorite weekend guests. To envision where your kids will sleep, play, and do their homework. …

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Shannon’s Vintage Whimsical Shared Girls Room

My dreams of a shared girls room began long before I bit into that cupcake with saturated pink center.  As soon as we began talking about baby #2, I secretly hoped that there was another girl in our future and that P would have a sister.  While we aren’t yet ready to transition them into the same room, there are two beds being delivered this weekend for Parker’s room.  The hope is that one day there will be whispering and giggling happening between those two beds, that I will have to holler up the stairs, “You two go to …

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Our Austin Rental || Baby Ever’s Nursery Reveal

I’m writing this—looking at these photos of sweet Ever’s nursery—knowing that by the time you see them our baby girl will likely be home with us already, already enjoying her cozy little space that we created for her for at least some of the day.  Meanwhile, though, as I write this and chip away at my to do list, glancing at my calendar and scheduling posts, I can’t help but wonder at nearly 39 weeks pregnant, is today the day? Tomorrow? Will she be here by the time we shoot Thursday’s post?  Will she come on her own or have to …

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