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Jessica Honegger’s Shared Boy’s Bedroom and Bathroom Reveal

This is the third in our series of room reveals with entrepreneur, Jessica Honegger. You can read all of them here or follow her here! When I found out during my second pregnancy that I was having another girl, visions of a shared room danced in my head. Two years later, that vision has since to be realized because, well, some things are easier dreamed than done. When I talk to other moms whose kids share a room, there is a common thread of strategic design that runs through all of them. Double the kids plus double the stuff can sometimes be …

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Our Austin Casa || The Playroom Reveal

(This Mid Century Modern Playroom reveal is the latest in our series of room reveals from Our Austin Casa.) This room has been a long time coming. The long and meandering journey to this room goes back to sitting at our dining room table in Los Angeles circa 2015 with our initial architect and hearing myself explain my idea for a playroom. “I want it to be a space downstairs, that’s close to the kitchen and living areas, but also not like right in your face,” I said. The kids’ bedrooms were going to be upstairs, and I …

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Before and After || Parker’s Bedroom Draperies

Somewhere in the archives here, there is a post that’s nearly writing itself titled 10 ways we splurged on our house and 10 ways we saved.  It’s something we thought about so much as we were building.  Anytime we had a choice to make we had to think about whether that was a space or a feature that was really important to us or if we would rather put the money we could save there somewhere else. (Like, you know, in our bank account.)  The windows fell into the former category.  We designed the house with the hope of having as …

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Our Austin Casa || Parker’s Bedroom Reveal

A little back story on this room: Parker transitioned out of her crib on the early side, right as she turned two. She wasn’t climbing out of her crib yet, but she was screaming to get out of that wooden fortress and begging to sleep on the floor. When I would make her palette beds out of blankets and pillows on the floor, she would sleep great. When I would insist she sleep in her crib, not so much.  Which is how we ended up spontaneously buying an inexpensive toddler bed (which you can see here) just two months before we moved from …

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