New York City

The 5 Best Restaurants in New York City with Alex Reichek

It could be said that if your trip to New York City doesn’t revolve around food, you’re doing it wrong. There’s nowhere else in the United States that has the range of foods or caliber of chefs as the Big Apple, so it was a natural choice for our second feature in our new series, ‘The 5 Best Restaurants in’. Keep reading for the 5 Best Restaurants in New York City. In 2012, while living and eating everywhere possible in New York City, Alex Reichek started a blog. The site, Chekmark Eats, quickly became a repeat …

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48 Hours in New York City with Kids

New York City is such a fun and vibrant place and is perfect for a weekend getaway, but can you do it with kids? Check out what we got up to on our 48 hours in New York with our children.  It was such a fun time and I couldn’t recommend it enough! For as long as I have had children, I have dreamed of taking my kids to New York City.  I was 18 the first time I stepped foot in the city– the week of Thanksgiving, 2002– and I have spent the last decade and a half making up for lost time, traveling there as often as possible …

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On The Road // New York

New York City.  Where to I even begin?  I was 18 and a freshman in college when I first stepped put into The Big Apple, but it was love at first sight.  I loved the energy of the city.  The diversity.  The endless things to do.  The food.  Oh my gosh, the food.  I went back twice a year throughout college to work at fashion week, but when it came time to relocate after graduation I headed west instead with my sights set on Los Angeles.  I may never call NYC home, but I do take advantage of every excuse I get to pay her a …

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