New Year’s Eve

10 New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas for Every Party Dress Code

New Year’s Eve party dress code have you feeling stumped? Keep reading for our New Year’s Eve outfit ideas for every type of party attire… As someone who really loves considering the past year’s accomplishments and follies as well as setting goals for the future, the end of the year is totally my jam. Throw in an excuse to wear sequins and drink out of a champagne glass and I’m a happy camper! I’ll admit that the house parties of our twenty-something youth have given way to more mellow evenings in …

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10 of the Best New Year’s Eve Cocktails Worth The Effort

I took my cocktail research seriously as I was planning our menu for our first annual Austin holiday dinner party and wanted to share some of my favorite New Year’s Eve Cocktails that were unearthed in the process! Mixing up a cocktail is the beverage equivalent of putting on your favorite Ganni slingbacks. It signifies that it’s not just going to be any old night. (If it were, you would have opened a bottle of wine and slipped your feet into some your trusty slip on mules.) As we head into this next holiday-filled week, the thing …

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My Style // New Year’s Eve

There are some dramatic similarities and differences from this year’s new year’s eve style post and last year’s.  The locations are the same and my affinity for black evening looks is apparently still going strong, but what was a 6 month baby bump last year is now a 9 month old baby girl that babbles and stands and is going through quite the sleep regression.  The biggest misconception I had about babyhood was that it was always forward progress. They start out these little blobs and you take 45 second videos of them …

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Big Sur Bound + The Year To Come

If you happened to catch this post, then you know that Big Sur has been on my list of dream destinations for some time now.  It’s just a five hour drive from us– practically in our own backyard– so it’s a wonder that we haven’t made it there yet!  With the clock ticking down to this baby girl’s due date, we thought we would squeeze in one last road trip, just the two of us this weekend.  I am really looking forward to relaxing in the woods, taking in the scenery and reflecting on this year to come… …

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