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My Style // Favorite Places in LA with WiFi

Happy Monday, friends!  I’m home from Palm Springs and feeling so fresh after 36 hours off the grid exploring the best of mid-century, catching up with friends, and spending some time writing by the pool.  I was reminded while working from my balcony with this view how much I love getting out of the office.  Sometimes a fresh perspective changes everything!  I know there is a huge self-employed culture here in LA, so I thought I would share my 5 favorite places to work from when I need to get out of the office.  If you live here, …

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Behind The Scenes // A ‘Typical’ Day

I was on a call a few weeks ago with a college student who asked me what a typical day for me looks like. The call was going great. You could tell she was a go getter and a millennial ready to kick her generation’s lackluster labels to the curb and do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. This last question had me stumped, though! Where to begin? I can’t recall the last time two days looked identical. I started describing what some of my days looked like and realized that the unifying theme of all of them was that I was …

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My Style // What I’ve Been Wearing (JAN.)

The final two weeks of December were dreamy, to say the least.  I baked with wild abandon both cookies and sourdough bread.  I spent very little time working on my computer and even made a point to stay off social media for the most part. I also spent a wonderful amount of time in either sneakers or stretchy pant or (preferably) both. However it’s January now, I’m back to work full force with big goals for this new year,  and I’m reaching for other things in my closet, like my new favorite IRO jacket (now on sale at …

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My Life Styled // Winds of Change

On Sunday night I was awoken not by the sounds of my toddler who sometimes likes to greet us at odd hours with a request for water, but by the sounds of heavy tree branches swaying back and forth on our rooftop.  (The same branches our landscapers have been telling us we need to trim for months now.  I hear you loud and clear now, Hugo!)  While the gusty winds here in Los Angeles ushered in cooler temperatures earlier this week, it feels like there are winds of change blowing in my own life too.  New opportunities are arising and …

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