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My Style || Best Fall Dress

On our flight out to LA last week, Parker was consumed with her iPad and I was consumed with the decision to either watch Money Monster, read the latest issue of Porter, or continue on with Shoe Dog when my thoughts began to wander.  Had it really been four whole months since we left LA?  The first two months were a total whirlwind of trying to create our new normal and new routines.  It was transition on top of transition.  I’m surprised I’m daring to even publish these words as I’ll surely jinx us, but we’ve come …

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My Style || Memory Lane + South Congress

There is something really interesting about leaving a city for an entire decade and then returning.  My senior year of college, I was super over campus life and decided to move off campus with my bestie, so we found the coolest place we could afford on South Congress and immediately signed a lease.  It was the same year that Home Slice opened on the avenue and long before Perla’s, By George or Hop Doddy’s moved to the neighborhood.  We frequented Guero’s at Happy Hour and Magnolia Cafe during all of the other other hours. …

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My Style || Linen Overalls

Like a lot of people right now, I’m waiting for the seasons to change. Not so much in an anxious way (okay, sometimes in an anxious way), but more out of curiosity.  I’ve spent the last ten years in the land of endless summer and am so interested to know what it will feel like when we step out the door en route for Parker’s school and feel the crispness in the air for the first time.   (I’ve also questioned my rational for buying very summery, linen overalls just before said season change, so I made sure to get them …

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One Piece, Two Ways || Sweater Vest

Can we take a quick minute to ignore the sweater vest and all of the beautiful greenhouse foliage to talk about my addiction to podcasts? It’s real and it’s keeping me sane during this year of transition when it feels like I am always in my car.  I only do non-fiction and I feel like every commute is now an opportunity to learn something new or about someone new.  The other day I had an accounting question and googled it with the word podcast after and boom! There’s a podcast for that.  I listened and immediately knew …

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