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Velvet Capes + Egg Sandwiches at Paperboy

Christmas is so close I can practically smell the coffee brewing at an excited, earlier hour and the cinnamon rolls baking in the oven.  Aaron is off all week so we are taking advantage and spending more time than usual out and about this week with Parker checking things off of our Austin bucket list that we just haven’t gotten around to yet. (Also, have I mentioned that we have officially lived here for half of a year?! How has it been that long already?!)  We stumbled across Paperboy by accident when the east side restaurant we were …

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My Style || Black and White and Blush

Have you ever paid attention to how your style choices overflow into all of the different parts of your life?  There are similar, overlapping details in beauty packaging that I love and the Heath Ceramic coffee mugs I have been coveting.  Similarly, I will see a piece of art that I immediately gravitate towards and can see the resemblance in the details of it and a leather bag that I have been making heart eyes for.  I love the black and white color palette of this dress with the blush detail of the beanie– I feel like it softens …

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My Style || The Basic Button Up

I learned something from my very first styling job that has stayed with me ever since, and even influenced my own personal style. When it comes to style, there’s something to be said for knowing what you like and what works for you and going for it.  You can re-invent the wheel in terms of updating the silhouette with current trends, the fabric, the details, but when it works, it just works.  Take a button up shirt, for example: I’ve worn one here in the summer, here for a super casual look, here for a super femme Valentines …

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My Style || The Case for Coats

There are a lot of things that I feel passionately about: black and navy as one of the most chic color combinations, boots for all seasons, organic fruits and vegetables, and the importance of good coats in one’s wardrobe.  Here’s why: For starters, they last a long time and people don’t tend to fluctuate in coat size as much as they do in other things like say jeans, so you can likely wear them for years and years and years.  Also, during those cold winter months, your coat is often times the first thing people will …

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