My Daily Uniform

My Daily Uniform with Megan Harper

Say what you will about social media, but there are so many great people that I wouldn’t otherwise be connected to had Kevin Systrom not taken that walk on the beach back in 2010. Megan Harper is one of those people! We connected two years ago when we were planning to take the kids to NYC over the summer. She reached out with the best recommendations for kids and also told me that Aaron was her RA in college- ha! Perhaps back then she was attending frat parties, but today Megan is highly sought after marketing executive in NYC where she …

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My Daily Uniform with Anne Sage

It’s not super often that I can remember the EXACT moment that I met someone that I have known for years, but I actually can do just that with my friend Anne Sage! The year was 2012. We were both at Alt Summit, a conference that at the time was for bloggers or brands wanting to work with bloggers, and were introduced by a mutual friend at one of the night parties. It just so happened that Anne needed a wardrobe stylist for an upcoming shoot and it just so happened that I was a wardrobe stylist who had just left the show she had been …

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My Daily Uniform with Cristina Bocanegra

If you’re new to our Daily Uniform series, you’re in for a treat today. Cristina Bocanegra is one of my favorite people in Austin and, considering she’s spent the last decade as a stylist, has some great insight on getting dressed! It’s really very exciting for me to introduce you today, if you haven’t already met, to Cristina Bocanegra. She’s one-of-a-kind in so many ways and one of the most genuine and present people you will ever meet. That’s saying something for someone who runs not one, not two, …

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My Daily Uniform with Hallie Brewer

Welcome back to our Daily Uniform Series! Keep reading for our full feature with artist and designer, Hallie Brewer… One of the most surprising things about this series for me, has been how much insight I have personally gleaned from reading the interviews of these inspiring, stylish women. If you live in Austin, you have likely already come across Hallie Brewer’s work, whether you know it or not. She works behind the scenes with infamous hospitality group, Bunkhouse, and regularly collaborates with other artists and gallery …

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