Mother’s Day

What I Want for Mother’s Day || A Gift Guide

We are busy prepping today for a big shoot tomorrow that includes a really dreamy, laid-back Mother’s Day brunch that I couldn’t be more excited about!  (We haven’t had a chance to get our backyard together just yet and are partnering with Loot Vintage Rentals on a fanciful set up that I’m sure will send me wanting to buy a vintage table of my own.)  We actually have a lot of Mother’s Day content coming up these next two weeks.  (This is our Mother’s Day brunch from last year!)  It’s a pretty …

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Mother’s Day || I Got It From My Mama

At three years old, it’s impossible to spend thirty minutes with Parker and not see evidence of Aaron and I in her. Not just in her blue eyes or sandy brown hair, but her mannerisms.  The way that she loves to take pictures, can give side eye, or thinks of every little detail like her dad.  She always checks to make sure the alarm is off before she opens the front door in the morning and “checks the weather”.  If we are going somewhere new she wants to know there will be a car seat and a bed for her there. The other night …

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A Fresh and Floral Mother’s Day Brunch

Perhaps many decades ago, motherhood looked somewhat more homogenous, but today modern motherhood comes in all different forms.  Especially here in Los Angeles, I’m often times in the company of such amazing women.  Women who are mentors, educators, entrepreneurs and also mothers.  Women who have lived their whole lives in Los Angeles and others who live like traveling nomads, jetsetting from one city to the next with their brood in tow.  This year, we partnered with Teleflora’s #OneToughMother campaign to celebrate some of …

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DIY || Mother’s Day Gift Tags

I’ve always prided myself on being whatever the opposite of a hoarder is– or as my husband likes to say, cold-hearted and unsentimental.  (JK… kind of.)  It’s just that I’ve never been one to keep a lot of arbitrary things for sentimental reasons because it just ends up piling up somewhere and looking like clutter to me.  Then came Parker.  She wraps her chubby little two year old hand around a blue crayon, drags it across an 8″ x 11.5″ sheet of paper and suddenly it’s a masterpiece in my …

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