Petite Eats || Pink Cous Cous

My mostly Whole 30 eating ways have been put on the shelf all week while we are in Hawaii, enjoying the 4pm happy hour Mai Tais at the hotel and binging on delicious crunchy seafood concoctions of all sorts!  You know that feeling when you are on vacation, eating whatever you want, and suddenly find yourself craving like a simple green salad?  That’s the moment I had when I opened up Ruby Roth’s new plant-based vegan cookbook, The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids.  I found myself wanting each thing on every page, so it’s …

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The Best of Toddler Girl Swimsuits!

There are things that are cute and things that are cuuuuuute!  Things that fall into the latter category include golden retriever puppies, babies wearing sunglasses, and toddler swimsuits.  I’m fully aware that Parker only probably actually needs one swimsuit, but we are heading to Hawaii for a few days of much needed vacation on Sunday and it’s safe to say we have surpassed that number.  When I asked her which of these were her favorites, she pointed to all of the ones with animals on them, which is one category I actually …

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Spring Break || Toddler Staycation

Staying in town this spring?  Fear not!  It’s easy to come down with a case of FOMO (fear of missing out) when it seems like everyone you follow on Instagram has taken up residence in some tropical locale, but there are actually a lot of perks to staying local when it comes to your spring break plans.  For one, you don’t have to worry about time changes and the havoc it can wreck on mini schedules and routines.  Also, it can be really expensive to travel during peak times like spring break, so save up those dollars for the …

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DIY // Norah’s 1st Birthday Party

Long before Parker turned one, I made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t publish the party pics to the blog.  Not because the thought hadn’t crossed my mind or because I lacked enthusiasm about the upcoming milestone, but I knew if I was shooting it and sharing it here that I would stress about each and every detail rather than being able to kick back with a margarita and enjoy that fact that we had made it to that first birthday– something I had really been looking froward to doing!  All of that to say, I feel like we …

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