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All the Best Backpacks, Lunch Boxes, and Water Bottles for Back to School

It’s sort of a point of contention that I didn’t cry at our wedding. We laugh now, but I’m definitely not historically the most sensitive one in our relationship. That said, I cried at Target this weekend. No I didn’t weep hysterically, but big crocodile tears welled up when I rounded the corner from dry goods to school supplies and spotted a sign that read ‘College Essentials’. Today it’s Kindergarten, tomorrow it’s college. At least that’s what my brain translated to my vulnerable mother …

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Micro Mantras: The Word-A-Day Morning Routine

Is it just me or are morning routines having a real moment? No matter what kind of routine you’re looking for, there’s a book, journal, podcast, and blog post for that. A couple of months ago I added a two minute ritual to my morning that has really had a lot of positive effects and it’s this: I pick a word for every day now in the morning. I truly believe that life balance is about choosing what’s a priority in that moment and being present for that. Rarely can everything be balanced all in the same moment, but we can …

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The Cutest Kids Beachwear for Summer!

If you are looking for some inspiration for your kids’ beachwear this summer, look no further! I’ve got the best collection of girl’s swimsuits, boy’s trunks and all of the accessories so they’ll be cool and stylish on the beach. They’re all super cute and fun as well as being practical! There’s something about the above picture that makes me so viscerally happy and a tiny bit sad all at the same time. The joy on her face! The sand in her fingernails! My little California baby living her best life at …

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5 Things I Did to Get Out of A Rut Last Week

People have always remarked to me about how hard it must be that Aaron travels so much for work.  Sure it’s easier when he’s home. We can divide and conquer bedtime, cooking and cleaning, and our children in general, but especially now that Ever is older, it’s always felt manageable. Two weeks ago, though, while he was traveling I found myself in the funkiest of funks that I couldn’t shake. It felt like a bad mood coupled with uncharacteristic anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. My usually generous supply of patience …

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