My Style || Dark Colors for Spring

Happy Monday, friends!  If you’re wondering what I’m doing, odds are I’m sitting at the bar with a cup of coffee trying to decide where the weekend went.  Did you guys celebrate Easter?  I worked through much of Friday, but then started the weekend off with family early Friday evening and kept that trend going through much of the next three days.  It was food-filled and pretty blissful.  Plus, we can all wear white now, right?!  (Clearly, I’ve never followed those rules.)  Speaking of being a rule breaker, …

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My Style || A Casual Travel Look

Things that seem like a good idea at the time: Binge watching just one more episode on Sunday night, Monday be damned.  Signing up for that half marathon and then hoping to wing it.  Thinking you can move without movers. After all, it’s not that much stuff, right?  Taking the 405 at an odd hour.  Who else would possibly be on the highway right now?  Booking a round trip flight to Stockholm with two stops and multiple layovers.  I’ll read so many books! I’ve been guilty of all of these at one time or another, but you …

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The Best of Maternity Dresses

This post should probably begin with the disclaimer that, no, I am not currently in need of one of these stylish dresses.  This is not a not-so-subtle way of announcing baby number two, but rather a response to my growing number of friends who are currently growing babies in their bellies.  Suffice it to say that I have not enough fingers to count them all at this moment!  As we slowly ease into these warmer months, maternity dressing could not be more simple– stock up on a few key dresses that you love and accessorize them in your …

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My Style // Bohemian Adventures with Coach

Lately I’ve been totally overcome with a severe case of wanderlust.  People always tell you to travel while you’re young and get it out of your system, but I’ve traveled through a dozen different countries on four continents and I don’t think it works that way.  I think the more of the world you explore, the more of it you desire to see.  It’s an incurable disease in the best possible sense.  We’ve partnered with Coach on a series of posts over the next month and let me just warn you, their spring shoe …

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