Off-the-Shoulder + How to Make the Most of Your Long Weekend

The countdown to the long weekend has begun and we are actually kicking it off early and hopping a plane to LA tomorrow for a couple of work meetings, but mostly to see friends and visit the beach before we head to Palm Springs on Friday.  What are your plans?!  I was hanging with a friend earlier this week and we were chatting about how more full weekends are usually more fulfilling.  In contrast, sometimes when we commit to just relaxing and laying low they can fly by and leave us wondering what we did with the time.  Since this weekend …

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Living in the Present + A Mini Dress (on repeat!)

Do you remember the way yesterday smelled?  I was reading an article last week about how to be present and loved this quote: “Soak in as much of today as you possibly can – the sights, the sounds, the smells, the emotions, the triumph, and the sorrow.”  Saturday was filled with strawberry pancakes at a new place we stumbled upon because they had parking and the place we were trying to go to didn’t, the sound of Parker singing, “Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me” as a fly persistently tried to get his own little …

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Hey, You’re Really Great… And a Maxi Dress

It’s Monday which means you’ve probably already hurdled over an obstacle or two in your morning whether it was pressing snooze, realizing that final glass of wine last night may not have been the best idea, or forgetting about that really important thing that you have to do later today.  Have you stopped, though, in the manic of Monday yet to think about how great you are? How capable you are?  Yes, you! You can set things into motion, set goals and achieve them, chart your course in a new direction if things aren’t going …

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Red Paisley Dress || How Much Do You Pay For Clothes?

How much do you pay for clothes?  Is this something we can all talk about without judgement? I was chatting with one of my sisters a few weeks ago about what we wore and where we shopped in high school.  We laughed about Wet Seal “pleather” pants and my plaid 5.7.9. skirts.  I also told her how I still remember this one shirt that my good friend bought for back to school from Guess that cost $72.  I remember thinking it was such an exorbitant amount of money… so much so that I can recall exactly what it looked like and …

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