5 Outfits I’ve Been Wearing Postpartum

Let me paint you a picture of Parker’s first day of preschool this year:  The day is August 28th which means we have a five day old baby.  We’ve also been without power since the day we arrived home from the hospital so we are waking up for the third morning in my sister’s guest house, all living out of hastily packed suitcases.  There is a late start today (meaning school starts at 11a) because of Hurricane Harvey and all of the rain he has brought to the city, so my nephew also needs a ride to his first day of high …

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How I Prepped our Laundry Room to get Ready for Baby!

The pregnancy nesting bug is not only very real, but very necessary!  Somewhere around the third trimester you realize that another human is moving in soon and suddenly the organizing, cleaning and preparing gets kicked into high gear!  We are currently in a rental with limited space, so I was adamant on everything having a place and being well stocked and organized before baby’s arrival.  In particular, I wanted our laundry room in tip top shape before the big day which meant stocking up on all of the essentials so that I didn’t have …

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The Resort Maxi || 32 Weeks

You might have noticed that it’s been nearly a month since I last posted a style post.  It’s not so much that it has skipped my mind, but more that nearly 32 weeks pregnant and 97 degrees makes for quite the dressing conundrum.  Not so much of a conundrum, I guess, it’s more that I feel like I wear some version of the same thing just about every day.  Which, by the way, I’m totally okay with, but figured you guys might be bored by.  Currently it’s dress, accessories, repeat.  However, since this will likely …

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The Best $30 Non-Maternity Dress for Pregnancy + The Best Holiday Sales!

Happy Monday, friends.  On second thought, I sort of hope you’re reading this on Tuesday. The planner in me can’t keep from posting on a Monday, but best case scenario you’re all by the pool somewhere enjoying your extended weekend.  My current digs? Surrounded by children slowly waking up from their naps who are (for the most part) patiently awaiting their second swim of the day.  My shoulders are sunburned, my stomach is full from brunch with the girls, I’m slightly sleep deprived, but man is my heart full.  If …

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