The Best of Carry-Ons and Weekend Bags

Whether you’re jetting off for spring break or planning your summer jaunt abroad, it’s definitely travel season.  (And I am definitely jealous of all of your fabulous trips!)  After our first train-hopping trip together through Europe where we schlepped around giant suitcases for two+ weeks, Aaron and I made a pact that whether it’s two weeks sightseeing in China or a 5 day stint in the caribbean, we always pack into a carry-on bag.  If we need to do laundry, we do– and we almost always do– but it’s so …

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Traveling Right

Happy Friday all of you!  My parents flew into town on Wednesday and we have been going non-stop!  Besides the necessary culinary tour of the city that always ensues when we have visitors, we spent yesterday going to Catalina Island for the day and tomorrow we are headed up to Santa Barbara to do a little wine tasting!  Since I am otherwise engaged these couple of days, I thought I would introduce you to my fabulous intern, Elih!  She has been interning with me on the styling side of things this past semester and is so wonderful!  She …

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