7 Interior Designers on the Best Pendant Lighting on the Market

In the middle of your own home renovation or just want to update a space with new lighting? We asked some of the industries most sought after designers about their favorite pendant lighting and this is what they had to say… If you’re building from scratch or in the middle of a major kitchen or bath renovation, it can feel like years go by before it’s time to select light fixtures! After months of more mundane updates that involve drywall and electrical walk-throughs, getting to pick out your favorite pendant lights and …

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6 Interior Designers on the Best Refrigerator for your Kitchen

When we were building our house, I felt really confident in knowing what I liked as far as finishes went. I could easily make decisions around things like tile and light fixtures, color palettes and hardware finishes but it was the less-exciting-but-equally-as-important things that I found myself dumbfounded by. Like how deep should your bathroom sink be? How wide should your kitchen sink? One item that I spent countless hours contemplating was what kind of appliances we should use in our kitchen. Are luxury refrigerators worth the cost? If …

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Lauren and Chase’s 1970s Kitchen Remodel Before and After

This 1970’s Kitchen Remodel is one you truly have to see to believe! Keep reading for all of the oh-so-satisfying before and afters. Check out the rest of the house here or see the Daniels’ first renovation home tour here! Now here’s Lauren for the full kitchen tour…! I’ve been anticipating this reveal since demo day, I saw so much potential in this walled off, outdated 70’s kitchen. I immediately loved a few things about it– tons of natural light from a large window and sliding glass door, and the view out …

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Cool Hunting || 80 of Our Favorite Pieces for Styling Shelves

I needed this post twelve months ago. We moved into Our Austin Casa December of 2017 with plenty of boxes and unpacking to do, but oddly enough very little in the way of furniture or rugs or decor or even art. We had moved three times in 18 months and had shed items in each of these categories with each new residence we took up in. It was intentional. Many things we had were items that we didn’t really love anymore or maybe had never really loved that much to begin with but had acquired when our budgets were much leaner and our taste …

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