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Life Lately: Ever’s Second Birthday

With Parker, her first birthday felt so significant. Our first trip around the sun as parents was complete and it felt like a remarkable accomplishment. We had catered food, margaritas and a backyard bash full of friends and family from out of town who had made the journey to mark the milestone with us. Ever’s first birthday was a bit of a blur. We had been traveling all summer and still felt like we were settling into our new home. We did a breakfast with family and went to the children’s museum that afternoon with just a couple …

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Happy Weekend || Fave Links

It’s felt like a really heavy week with everything going on in the world, but particularly with what’s going on at the border in our own backyard.  I did discover something this week, though, that perhaps you have already known for a long time and it’s this: Doing something about a problem feels increasingly better than not doing something about a problem.  Even if it’s a small something.  On Wednesday, Parker and some of her buddies here in Austin hosted a bake sale to help raise money for RAICES, an organization …

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Parker’s Frozen 2nd Birthday

Personally, I think two of the big perks of child rearing are getting to dress them in ridiculously cute things and getting to throw parties in their honor and I truly have to reign it in when planning the latter.  (At one point when I was planning Parker’s most recent birthday party there was a very comical email exchange happening between Aaron and me about whether or not I could hire Whisper the 27″ pony to pull kids around in a carriage.  The answer, of course, was “no”.)  Here is the thing I didn’t …

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Mini Easter Style + An Epic Kids Table

I have always loved hosting the holidays, but, as Parker gets older, I’m finding myself looking forward to them even more!  My memories of Easter in Austin are all very fond– egg hunting on my aunt’s lawn with all of my cousins, a honey baked ham that seemed to never end, and plenty of chocolate for even the biggest sweet tooth!  Growing up, though, I couldn’t wait to graduate to the adult table.  My entertaining goal in life is to make the kids table so much fun that the grown ups find themselves looking over with …

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