The Destination that Exceeded All of my Expectations: Our Guide to Iceland

Iceland is a must-visit destination! Also, you should do it sooner than later as so much of the landscape is changing up there rapidly. Keep reading for our guide to Iceland! (The post is sponsored by HotelTonight, an app that we use for booking hotels when we travel and absolutely love. Use it to plan ahead or book last minute on a whim! This trip is the fourth in our series of 12 trips in 12 months!) If we’re being honest, Iceland was not necessarily at the top of my travel list. Did it look interesting? Sure! Beautiful? Definitely! …

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Bon Voyage || Where Should We Go This Spring?

For all of our many differences, one thing that Aaron and I have always both loved is to travel.  We even differ by how we like to spend our vacations: Aaron likes to hike or climb to some unsafe point that makes me hold my breath and yell things at him, as well as take lots of photos.  I like to look up the best restaurants the city has to offer, wander in and out of small shops, and spend a good chunk of time in the city’s most interesting museums.  Luckily we’ve both gotten pretty good at doing both.  Aaron has some time …

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