Sneak A Peek // Katie’s NYC Dining Room

As someone who has never resided in NYC, I always find myself curious to peek into the door of a historical brownstone or downtown loft space while I’m wandering around the city.  This series seemed like the perfect excuse to knock on the door of one of our favorite entertainment stylists and get the skinny on how she pulls off such effortless entertaining style in the center of this urban jungle.  If you’re not yet familiar with her site, Meyers Styles, you will definitely want to check it out for approachable at-home party …

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Guest Room Makeover

You know what is such a luxury to me?  A guest bedroom.  For the last six years that I’ve lived in LA, my sweet friends and family have either slept on an air mattresses or booked hotel rooms while visiting.  Don’t get me wrong, they have been real troopers about it but that’s why I am so glad to finally be able to offer them an actual room. Which is precisely why I am obsessed with making it perfect!  Below are some of my inspiration photos that I are guiding me along the way… I just finished painting the room and …

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From Photo to Wall Art

One of the hardest decisions I ever made was choosing where to go on our honeymoon.  Aaron is pretty laid-back and would be happy just about anywhere so he left our honeymoon whereabouts up to me– which seemed great at the time.   I never thought I would have such a hard time choosing!  Was Hawaii too cliche?  Was Europe tropical enough for a honeymoon?  For some reason I felt so much pressure to pick the perfect place!  I finally settled on Spain– Mallorca and Barcelona– and never looked back!  It was such a great …

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