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Her Style || Liz Stanley of Say Yes

(Editor’s Note: This is a series that we originally started in 2011! Can you even believe?! Seven years later, I thought it would be fun to resurrect it from the archives and ask some of my favorite women to share about their own personal style, how it fits into their life, and why it’s important. This is the first post in this continued series. Is there someone else out there that you would like to hear from? Nominate them below in the comments!) If there’s one thing you need to know about Liz Stanley, it’s that no …

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Fashion Feng Shui With Catherine Sheppard

The story of my friendship with Catherine begins like any modern day friendship… on Instagram, of course. We agree to meet for lunch one day at Bottega Louie (circa 2011? 2012?), both arrive wearing very similar yellow jackets (which is funny for two people who probably rarely wear that color), and have been close friends ever since. We spent a New York Fashion Week together staying up until the wee hours and have talked everything blog business, wardrobe styling, and now motherhood ever since.  We do really similar things– …

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Her Style // Clare Mukherjee

I’m sure I’ve said it before and I will undoubtedly say it again, but the best part of having created this site are the people that I have met through it all along the way!  I am so excited to introduce you all to a new friend today, Clare Mukherjee.  She is a british born and raised wardrobe stylist and personal shopper who now calls Los Feliz home and she has loads of personal style wisdom to share with us.  It’s really rare to find someone who knows their own distinct style as well as Clare.  You can look in her …

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Her Style // Mara from M Loves M

I first met Mara at an event a few months ago and it took all of about ten minutes to realize we could be fast friends!  We both have jobs in the fashion industry outside of blogging and are both equally passionate about our digital sites. We spent at least an hour discussing blogging, the challenges of having multiple jobs, and the things we really love about both.  If you’ve spent any time on her blog, M Loves M, then you already know that she has some seriously savvy fashion sense and could probably be voted most photogenic in the …

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