3 Minute Hairstyles: How to Do a Modern French Twist

In the age of work / school / play from home life, simple morning routines have become paramount. I still like to get ready in the morning before we “start” our day. Much in the way that a bath in the evening signals to a newborn that it’s time to sleep, a quick shower, skincare routine and doing something with my hair tells my brain the day has now begun. It’s the little, “Go get ’em, Tiger!” that I need in the AM. I fell in love with this scallop hair clip from Wunderkin and that’s how this …

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Beauty || The New Perfectly Imperfect Braid

With so many other things going on this summer, getting a haircut accidentally fell to the wayside.  I didn’t think much about it until people started commenting on how I was “growing my hair out”.  After a few weeks of contemplating going back to my usual bob, I decided to embrace this summer grow out.  Ponytails, low knots, and a messy braid are in fact, not overrated, especially when it’s 100 degrees outside!  My favorite trends have always been the ones that meet at the intersection of effortless and …

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Hair Tutorial // The Cool Girl Wave

I’m a firm believer that the best blog posts begin with a big confession, so here goes:  You know how sometimes all of a sudden I go for weeks at a time where I only wear my hair wavy?  Well, it’s because it’s super grown out and I haven’t had time to get it cut, so it just looks tremendously awful any other way.  That’s why I make it messy and wavy beyond belief and hope you don’t notice.  Some of you, though, have actually asked in the past for a tutorial on that messy, wavy ‘do, so when Living …

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Beauty // 5 Hairstyles To Try for Fall

We are big fans of having a “fall look” over here, so we’ve been sifting through some of our favorite beauty images to narrow down what kind of changes we will be making going into the new season.  One thing is for sure, a new fall look doesn’t have to be drastic.  It can be as simple as a new lip color, a fresh set of bangs, or even a new way to style your existing cut.  We found five hair looks that scream “fall beauty goals” and asked our favorite celebrity hairstylist, Addie Markowitz, to break them …

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