Bachelorette Gift Box DIY

‘Tis the season, you guys. In honor of the Bachelor finale this week, we bring you the Bachelorette party gift box!  Perhaps there’s no other rite of passage that I appreciate as much as this particular modern ritual. (As if  we needed another reason for a girls trip!) We chose these items for our bachelorette gift box imagining ourselves up in wine country or poolside in Ojai, but you can reimagine these boxes with just about anything in mind!  Headed to Tulum? Sub the rosé for mini tequila bottles and limes.  I like beauty …

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DIY Bubble Bath Gift Box

This DIY Bubble Bath Gift Box costs less than $30 and is perfect for just about everyone on your gifting list! Great for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas or any time! Can I get a collective TGIF out there?! So excited for the weekend and so excited for this holiday season.  As if the fact that I birthed her from my body wasn’t proof enough of kinship, we were on our way to school one day this week and Parker said out of the blue, “Mama, Christmas music makes me so happy!”.  Me too, sister, me too. Our to-do list …

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DIY || Mother’s Day Gift Tags

I’ve always prided myself on being whatever the opposite of a hoarder is– or as my husband likes to say, cold-hearted and unsentimental.  (JK… kind of.)  It’s just that I’ve never been one to keep a lot of arbitrary things for sentimental reasons because it just ends up piling up somewhere and looking like clutter to me.  Then came Parker.  She wraps her chubby little two year old hand around a blue crayon, drags it across an 8″ x 11.5″ sheet of paper and suddenly it’s a masterpiece in my …

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All Wrapped Up

I am such a sucker for a properly wrapped gift.  No matter what is inside, if the packaging is pretty I already love it!  I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon wrapping up gift boxes for a fun shoot with Denise today for Camille Styles.  I can hardly wait to finish shooting so that I can spill them all around the bottom of my tree!  What are all of you up to this week?  I sort of can’t believe tomorrow is already friday– the days are flying by! Hope your week has been lovely and that your weekend will be filled with …

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