Fourth of July

The Best of Fourth of July Recipes

The temperatures are toasty, the rosé is stocked, and soon we will celebrate America’s independence the best way we know how: with lots and lots of food! There’s likely to be other festivities, too, like parades and pool parties and fireworks and corn hole, but chances are your grill will be the star of the show.  Whether you’re hosting for the holiday or just bringing something with you to the bash of your choosing, be sure to plan your menu ahead of time so that the only thing you have to worry about come Tuesday is …

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Real Talk with Real Moms || Adult Time vs. Family Time

Is this something you think about?  It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot.  The more I talk to friend’s about their family dynamics and the daily routine their family keeps (or doesn’t), the more interested I am in what works for people.  Do people with young children mostly eat dinner as a family or do you put the little ones to sleep and then have an adults-only dinner?  What’s the balance of family time versus making time for just you and your partner?  Do you vacation with your kids or is that …

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Happy Fourth of July!

We’re out of the office today and hope you are, too.  While it’s no secret that we’re living in some very divided times politically in this country (and many other countries, too), today feels like an appropriate time to appreciate all that we have in common as people and citizens and neighbors.  It’s a good reminder that this isn’t the first time in our country’s relatively short and storied history that we’ve come up against obstacles or injustices that seemed insurmountable.  And yet, here we …

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Stars + Stripes

Happy Fourth of July Eve!  Since Aaron is on hiatus for the next couple of weeks, I talked him into shooting yesterday’s post for my series with Camille Styles.  We had so much fun driving around the neighborhood and finding interesting places to shoot around our house.  We had a slight disagreement about this wall.  Aaron didn’t want to shoot it because it was in full sun and not ideal lighting by any standard.  However, it is Fourth of July week and what could possibly be more patriotic ?  Nothing. We are in the middle of …

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