Michelle Hodges of Sprout Floral Design on Challenges, Finding your Place, + Marketing in the Age of Social Media

(This story of Michelle Hodges and Sprout Floral and Event Design is the latest in our series of small business stories in partnership with Gracie Byrd Jones. You can see more here.) While there are a lot of growing pains and challenges that feel like the weight of them is all on my shoulders alone with owning my own business, there are also these huge wonderful moments that feel like total gifts. One of them is that being a business owner has allowed me to meet other business owners and it’s one of my most favorite things to get to …

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Everything You Need to Know About January Blooms

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t love beautiful flowers?  There’s an obvious reason that they’re appropriate for all occasions– they brighten a space and a day, so you really just can’t go wrong.  While I’m no stranger to the LA flower mart and have been known to repeatedly make impulse floral purchases while walking into many a Trader Joes, I’m not super well-versed in their names, season or how much they cost.  Back in December I attended a wreath making workshop (see my results here! ) …

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DIY // Deconstructed Garland

A few weeks ago we were shooting at a studio downtown and decided to go for a little lunch break walk to Poppy + Rose.  After enjoying one of the best burgers of my life there, we strolled through the flower district I did my best to withstand the temptation, but ultimately I caved, took the last of the cash in my wallet (a whopping $8!), and bought what I could.  (Turns out I used up all of my willpower on the chocolate croissant that was sitting on the counter at lunch.)  I left the flower mart with armfuls of greenery and one small …

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DIY // Fall Floral Arrangements

As far as favorite indulgences go, fresh flowers fall somewhere between dark chocolate and a great cocktail.  They instantly brighten up any space and let you flex your creative muscles as you pull them together.  It’s something that Parker and I have turned into a little Friday afternoon activity and only makes it exponentially better when she waltzes by and then points to her chest saying, “Par-per!”.  Last week we took a field trip the LA Flower Mart– hands down one of my favorite places in this big, crazy city! …

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