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The Two Minute Morning Routine that Will Change Your Life

Whether you begin your day at your leisure or wake to the sound of a baby crying or alarm clock beckoning, there’s a super easy way to jump start your productivity, lower your stress, and give you a sense of accomplishment at the start of your day.  It’s not trendy.  In fact, my mom begin persuading us of it’s advantages at a young age.  It’s making your bed and you might just be surprised how beneficial science has found this simple task to be.  Plus, it takes the time equivalent of a few scrolls and double clicks …

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5 Ways to Integrate Wellness into your Morning Routine with Grove Collaborative

Prior to google calendars, my day planners were used more often as an accessory than something of utility. (Or in the case of high school, for documenting which outfits were worn on which days.) I could never help myself from buying the beautiful paper-filled books and I loved the idea of them, but I just was never a big planner. My natural inclination may not have always been towards rigorously planned days and routine, but now that I have kids, the only way my life functions smoothly is knowing what time we will all eat, play, work, and …

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5 Tips for a Cleaner, Greener Home

“Mommy, I am the sweeper and you are the duster,” she says as she hands me my wall and floor duster and grabs her deep clean mop. This is currently Parker’s favorite game to play.  We played it this morning before she went to school and then after we had done our adequate sweeping and dusting she wanted us to play cleaning school and teach all of our imaginary students how to clean and dust. “Mommy, why do we do the cleaning again?” “Because when we bring baby sister home, we don’t want her to get …

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15 Free Online Workouts for your Summer Bikini Body

Remember when I dubbed 2016 the year of the home workout?  It definitely started out that way, but once we got to Austin last summer I really enjoyed trying out some of the different studios here in the city and got hooked on Mod Fitness. It’s helped that it’s a workout that you can really make work while pregnant.  It’s also helped that my schedule on most days is super flexible.  If Aaron is home, I can take the 6am class or I can schedule my day to leave room for the 9:45 or 12:00 class and do more work after Parker …

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