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The Longest Shortest Time || Parenting Advice I’ve Been Putting To Use Lately

The days are long but the years are short and these days I am in the habit of reminding myself that the only thing that will matter to me some day will be these mini people of mine—that I’ve raised them to know how unconditionally I love them and that they’re capable and empathetic and socially aware human beings. The older I get, the more sure of this I am.  As Parker has gone from a baby to a toddler to a full on kid (and next year an elementary schooler!), there is definitely more to navigate, consider, and think about.  Aaron and …

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A Good Morning. No, A Great Morning.

(A Note from the Editor: I jotted this down in wordpress on May 4th and recently found it in my drafts by accident, looking for something else. I was working on another post that morning but just remember these words in my head so I paused what I was doing, created a new post, spilled my thoughts on to the digital page, and then hit save with no intention of publishing, but alas here we are… published. Photos were more recently captured.) I awake to the sounds of a whimpering baby, a common occurrence around here.  But after my own …

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Happy September || My Fall Bucket List

Last week I talked here about #BestSummerEver and how that mindset really did contribute to making this such a fun and eventful season.  Because it was so positive, I’ve been thinking these last couple of weeks about fall and setting an intention for these next few months and to be honest, I’ve got nothing. Nothing that feels like something I can throw my whole weight behind at least. In the meantime, though, I did create this fall bucket list because FALL IS THE BEST and that is something that I can 100% get behind!  Also, …

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Her Style || Liz Stanley of Say Yes

(Editor’s Note: This is a series that we originally started in 2011! Can you even believe?! Seven years later, I thought it would be fun to resurrect it from the archives and ask some of my favorite women to share about their own personal style, how it fits into their life, and why it’s important. This is the first post in this continued series. Is there someone else out there that you would like to hear from? Nominate them below in the comments!) If there’s one thing you need to know about Liz Stanley, it’s that no …

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