Fall Outfits

Thoughts on Developing Your Own Personal Sense of Style

I spent the better part of twenties thinking about personal style. I thought about the personal style of clients, whether it was for a red carpet or a magazine. I was constantly contemplating what a certain look or color would say about them and if it felt true and authentic to what they would naturally gravitate towards had a stylist not been hired. What would make that person feel so comfortable and confident in what they were wearing that they wouldn’t be thinking about their clothes when they could be thinking about so many other …

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Money Talk || Do You Talk About How Much Money You Make?

(This feature was photographed at– but not sponsored by– The Line Hotel in Austin, a spot you don’t want to miss if you’re visiting the city. Lunch at Arlo Grey, grab coffee at Alfred, or just cozy up in the well-designed lobby.) I was raised with the idea that you never discuss how much money you make outside of your own home. Was this the same in your house? I’m so curious. I genuinely viewed few things as ill-mannered as dropping the amount of money you made or what something cost in the company of anyone …

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10 Things I’m Watching, Reading, and Listening to Right Now

(This feature was photographed at Le Politique, one of my favorite spots in Austin. I love the brasserie for a moody, romantic dinner by night and is the perfect spot for a business lunch by day. The french pastries in the patisserie are my favorite in the city.) This past holiday break felt long in all the best senses of the word. On most days I could not have accurately told you the day of the week or what was happening in the world. I spent so very little time on my laptop and my most pressing wardrobe decision usually centered around …

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Memory Lane: Why This Blog Exists and How it’s like a 30-Something Year Old Female

This is the second to last post I will publish this year, if all goes according to the plan of our editorial calendar, which admittedly has been known to excel in last minute pivots. But curveball withstanding, this is the second most recent post that will greet you should you check in between now and December 31st. What’s perhaps– no– most definitely more astounding is that it’s one of nearly seventeen hundred posts that have been posted to this URL in its seven plus years of digital life. “In the same way that …

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