Dining Rooms

Our Austin Rental || The Dining Room of My Dreams!

After months of eating at the bar, picnicking on the floor in an empty dining room, and gathering around a coffee table, at long last, we have a dining table, friends, and I couldn’t be happier!  I pondered, shopped, fell down the rabbit hole of interior blogs, and picked all of your brains both here and on social media before finally choosing one. There was so much to consider as I have seriously high hopes for this dining room space.  I imagine dinner parties with friends that go hours later than expected in the best possible way, …

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Cool Hunting || Oval Dining Table

I was listening to a podcast last week (Emily Weiss on Girl Boss Radio) and she said something that I immediately went and wrote down.  (Like with a real pen and real paper… okay, not real paper rather the back of an AT&T bill.) “Where ever you are at is a place to be proud of.”  Gosh, that really resonated with me.  I think so many times there’s always someone two steps ahead of us or some next step phase of our life or business that we haven’t yet been able to implement, so rather than celebrating what …

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Easy Home Updates for Summer

It’s summertime and the livin’ might be easy, but it’s not always cool, at least not here in the Northern Hemisphere. Luckily here in Texas where the 10 day forecast only reads highs in triple digits, we are insulated with central air, but that hasn’t always been the case. My second apartment that I rented in LA, nestled ever so cozily between Sunset and Wilshire lacked something that I never knew I needed until August rolled around: air conditioning. When the temperatures began to rise, my roommate and I would find …

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DIY // No-Sew Table Runner

With the holiday season just around the corner, endless opportunities for hosting friends and family around your table are bound to abound!  My kitchen table is a constant quick change artist in our house– ever evolving with new accessories and color palettes, and always fresh flowers in time for the weekend.  (Well, usually, at least!)  This DIY table runner is one of the easiest things you can make for your table and is such a simple way to give it a total transformation on a budget.  Keep reading for the full DIY… …

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